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His work is liked by:
Dlux, RajhiDarine,

The Refugees
Visual Intersections at Thessaloniki's Roman Forum


Lives and works at THESSALONIKI GREECE

Born 13/04/1958


ANNI KALTSIDOU Anni Kaltsidou was born, lives and works in Thessaloniki. She studied at the Economics and also graduated from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has participated in Papallel Programme 5th Biennale of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, exhibitions in Germany and Serbia as well as in several group exhibitions and visual actions in Greece. SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2015: “Visual Intersections at Thessaloniki's Roman Forum “,Thessaloniki's Roman Forum, Papallel Programme 5th Biennale of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki. Curator:Maria D.Kagiadaki. 2014: “On the marks of the nails”, Artis Causa,Thessaloniki. 2011: “ILIOS”, Cultural Center of Municipality of Neapolis, Thessaloniki. SCREENINGS 2016: "Fields" Festival Miden 7-8 July Kalamata/Gr 2016: "The Refugges" Experimental Video Short Film Festival Drama 19-24th September 2016 The "REFUGEE!" Film Collection Festival x-24 @ Gainsborough/UK - 16-17 July 2016 - program I In the Name of TRUTH : Time, Peace and Humanity @ Torrance Art Museum LA - 2 April - 28 May 2016 Speed of Time “Refugee!” – Collective Trauma Film Collections CologneOFF – Cologne International Festival Network @ 10th CeC – Carnival of e-Creativity – Shillong/India Looking for Truth, Peace & Humanity 26-28 March 2014 "Prometheus" ”Market & Gift, Spectres of Hospitalitiy” National Bank Cultural Foundation of Thessaloniki , Curator Sophia Panteliadou. GROUP EXHIBITIONS (selection) 2016: The "Refugges" Experimental Video 2015: “POLIS (IN)VISIBLE UNGOVERNABLE UNFORTIFIED, Cultural center of Chania. Curators: V. Tsalamata, M.Giannadakis, D. Siaterli, Documentation: Giannis Bolis. “Thirty eight one occasion” Gallery Eirmos, Thessaloniki. “Art Introjection”, Casa Bianca ,Τhessaloniki, Parallel Programme 5th Biennale of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki. Curator: Maria Kenanidou. Coordination: Elena Tonikidi. “Art and Law”, Artis Causa Choros 18, Thessaloniki, Curator: Stavros Panagiotakis. 2014: “Graduates 2011 2014 “,Μacedonian Museum of Contemporary Art ,Thessaloniki. Curatorial team of the Museum “4 Season” Artis Causa, Thessaloniki. “Art and Law” ,Goethe Institut Thessaloniki, Curator: Stavros Panagiotakis. ”Market & Gift, Spectres of Hospitalitiy” National Bank Cultural Foundation of Thessaloniki , Curator Sophia Panteliadou. 2013: “FRAME OF MIND “ Artis Causa Choros 18, Thessaloniki,Curator: Stavros Panagiotakis. “LASPES” , video projection, ANAKATA 5, IRIS, Pavlou Mela Town Hall, Thessaloniki. Curator: Elli Chrysidou “ PSICHI STO LEMO 2” , Prespes. Old canning factory. Curator: Harris Kondosphyris.. “Invisible Cities”,Αthens Print Festival II, National Bank Cultural Foundation of Athens, curator: Manolis Giannadakis. 2012: "Horseman -Constellation Horseman”,Folklife & Ethnological Museum of Macedonia Thrace Thessaloniki. “Residenten”, Gallery Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz, Dresden, Germany “ Festival”, Festival Dormitories (former camp Kodra) Municipality of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Curators: Vaia Ougiarou, Stavros Panagiotakis “Invisible Cities”, National Bank Cultural Foundation of Thessaloniki, Studio of Engraving A.U.T.H. Curator: Manolis Giannadakis 2011: “Ichopolis II”, Actionfield Kodra 2011 (former camp Kodra), Municipality of Kalamaria, Curator:Εvi Baniotopoulou “Istok je zapadno odd zapada”, Pavilion galerije, savvemene likovne umetnosti, Nis, Serbia 2010: “Keep dialogue ing”, A.U.TH. (former camp Kodra), Municipality of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki “4th YEAR”, Gallery Papatzikou, Veria 2009: “ENGRAVING”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Florina, Curators: X. Sachinis , M.Yiannadakis “Would you like to tell you a fairytale?” 25 years ITHAKI, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki “A.U.T.H 10+1 YEARS ENGRAVING STUDIO”, Vaso Katraki Museum, Aitoliko Mesologgi, Curators: X. Sachinis, M. Giannadakis “If Dialogues”, Gallery of Municipality of Kozani 2008: “2nd YEAR”, GALLERY Papatzikou, Veria “Students Union Exhibition of Fine Arts A.U.T.H.”, Teloglion Institution of Art in Thessaloniki “A.U.T.H 10 YEARS ENGRAVING STUDIO”, Curators: X.Sachinis,M.Giannadakis 2007: “Students Union Exhibition of Fine Arts A.U.T.H.”, Archaelogikal Museum of Thessaloniki “Students Union Exhibition of Fine Arts A.U.T.H.”, former camp Kodra 2004: “Exhibition IRIS” , Central Municipal Library of Thessaloniki PERFORMANCE HAPPENING 2015: “Tribute to Las Incantadas”, performance on the openning day of my solo exhibition. Thessaloniki's Roman Forum , Parallel Programme 5th Biennale of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki. “My gift in return”, happening at the end of my solo exhibition.Thessaloniki's Roman Forum, Parallel Programme 5th Biennale of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki. 2013: “ EAT DRINK AND BE HAPPY”, performance, Municipality of Thessaloniki, 49th DIMITRIA Closing Party, Maison Crystal, Thessaloniki . 2012: “Rockpaintings and Contemporary Art”, Alistrati, Aggitis river canyon, Participation in a land art installation 2011: “EAT DRINK AND BE HAPPY”, performance ANAKATA, former camp of P. Mela, Thessaloniki,“ΙRΙS“, Municipality of P. Mela, Thessaloniki, Curator: Elli Chrysidou “LASPES” , Ηappening, School of Fine Arts , Thessaloniki “EAT DRINK AND BE HAPPY” , University of Fine Arts, Municipality of Stavroupoli 2010: “Metamorphosis” , performance former camp Kodra, Thessaloniki WORKSHOPS 2014: “Workshop Performance”with ULAY, 49th DIMITRIA, Workshop Coodination:Alexandros Plomaritis. 2011: “Puppet Design”, School of Fine Arts of Belgrade, in Νιs, Serbia “Workshop for the Performance”, 3rd Thessaloniki's Βiennale of Contemporary Art. Curator:Eirini Papakonstantinou.


The artist takes advantage of the logic of relations and the projects are presented as food for thought. ….behaves as a painter, i.e. she does not conclude the concept of the project that we will see, but uses the image as the emergence (as marked) of references to the ways in which it is assembled ... The non-logic dispersion refers to the apparent absence of correlation which, when the viewer will set it up (if set up) will be the project. The work ...of Kaltsidou is complex, has unexpected developments, but is based on initial fixed axes, namely the necessity of the structure as a purely visual concept -the land as sign function of the structure and not just as a depiction-also the process of nature and use of materials. Emmanuel Mavromatis, Professor of History of Art at AUTH (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

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