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His work is liked by:
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Motu Proprio

Francesco Zanatta

Lives and works at Venezia

Born 02/03/1989


Born in Treviso on 02.03.1989. He graduated at Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia in 2014. He attends the MA at the same institution. He attended the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland. He lives and works in Venice. 2015 99ma Collettiva giovani artisti, collective exhibition, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Galleria di Piazza S. Marco, Venezia Laboratorio Aperto, workshop, curated by Carlo Di Raco and Martino Scavezzon, Capannone n.35, Forte Marghera, Venezia My Eyes Were On Fire And You Know Why, solo exhibition, curated by Pasi Autio, Pekka Syrjälä, Fellmannia Library Gallery, Lahti, Finland Mite Item Project, performance, curated by Katri Mäkeläinen and Aki Himanen, Arabiasali Teatteri, Helsinki, Finland The Art of Basware Art Prize, collective exhibition of the finalists,curated by Paula Holopainen, Raija Heikkilä and Anna Ruth, Musikkitalo,Helsinki, Finland Taideinstituutti Nyt, collective exhibition, curated by Nina Räty and Liisa Pesonen, Oyoy Gallery, Lahti, Finland 2014 Laboratorio Aperto, workshop, curated by Carlo di Raco, Martino Scavezzon, Miriam Pertegato, Capannone n. 35, Forte Marghera, Venezia 2013 Artnight Venezia,collective exhibition, curated by Manuel Frara, Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Venezia Workshop di Pittura e Disegno, a cura di Carlo di Raco, Martino Scavezzon, Miriam Pertegato, Capannone n. 35, Forte Marghera, Venezia Residency programme Atelier 2016, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia


The clause “Motu Proprio” is usuallly set in the introductive formula of a sovereign document and guarantees a prince the right to chose by himself, without the consultation of other authorities and any possibility of cancelllation. These artworks are conceived trough the practice of walking, first as an experience, then as a method on field. The main goal of the research is to estabilish a personal and human bond with the places I decide to walk through. The observations and surveys made on paths are devices I use to actually build again these places or to enhance some mysterious traces.

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