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Samuel MUI

Lives and works at

Born 26/02/1984


Born in Italy in 1984 of African origin – Italian mother, African father – Education: “ Bachelor’s degree in art and performance arts ” University of Rome, “La Sapienza”. Inspired by Soul, Jazz and Afro/American Graffitism, he travels to Brazil, in the state of Bahia, the most important Brazilian-African community in the country, where he finds his own black identity by a research on the Arts of the local indigenous communities; here he learns the deep ritualism of people who are still connected to a simple natural-philosophy without western influence. He develops his knowledge on quantum physics and universe, which widens his internal vision in order to express his “self” and his creativity. This deep spiritual vision, influenced also by the exhibition of the graffitist and primitive artist Jean Michel Basquiat in Milan creates an Expressionist, gestural, informal way of painting. The body, strong colors and signs are used with high passion and a strong spiritual view entirely expressed on whole sets of large paintings with titles and poetics which let the audience to reflect on the origins and existence of human beings. – He lives and works in Paris.


My concept of Painting is a real, expressive, spiritual and gestural journey. During this journey I will ask you to touch the work, the overlapping of colors and matter. Go beyond our human perception, losing ourselves in the abstraction, connecting our senses, being attracted by a magnetic, sensual, dynamic and feisty power which will overwhelm you. Paintings are true living organisms, which own a soul willing to interact with those who are contemplating them. I do all my best to make this art a direct and spontaneous language which connects everyone with creative communication in a deep spiritual poetry’s multisensory perception. My concept of “painting” is an emotional journey which awakens the consciousness and creates a portal through the practice of meditation. The act of creation is not an end unto itself, It involves other people. This is the most powerful boost I would like to give to widen my conscience in everyone’s conscience. Now. In a continum of power.

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