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A sua obra agrada a:
Castello 925, Samuel MUI,



Vivo e trabalho em BUCHAREST, NEW YORK

data de nascimento 29/06/76


www.paulacraioveanu.com Born in Bucharest, trained in New York and Bucharest, lives and works in Bucharest and New York. Education: -PhD. in Visual Arts of the University of Arts, Bucharest, in 2013 -Graduate of University of Architecture, Bucharest, in 2000 -Parsons School of Design, New York,1993-94 -Arts Students League, New York,1992-1993 Publications: -"Bucharest Portrait of a city", architectural photo album - 2 editions - 2010, 2011 Shows: -2015 “Graphics National Salon”, Bucharest, group show -2015, Paula and Emil Craioveanu, two-person painting and graphics show, Ploiesti -2014 “Between two worlds”, Carturesti, Bucharest, solo painting show -2013-2014, “Glimpses of the World”, U-Art Gallery, Bucharest, group show, painting -2013 “The House in the Romanian Painting”, Museum of Bucharest, Șuțu Palace, group show, painting and graphics -2013, “Art Salon- Foundations”, Romanian Parliament Palace, Bucharest, group show, painting and graphics -2013 “Old Bucharest in Details” photography, part of „White Night of Photography 2013” -2013, “Francophonie 2013”, Bucharest, group show, photography -2012, “Old Bucharest in Details”, Romanian Cultural Institute Bucharest, solo show, photography -2012, “Balcic. Marks of Romanian Spirituality”, The Museum of Book and Old Maps, group show, painting -2011 “Small Works Salon – Bucharest; Phantasms”, Căminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest, group show -2010 Coming out of the album of photography and compared architecture "Bucharest - Portrait of a City", first edition -2010, “National Salon of Decorative Art”, National Museum Cotroceni, Bucharest, group show -2009, “Spaces”, Paula și Vasile Craioveanu, Gold Art Gallery, București, painting -2009, “Interiors”, Galateea Gallery, Bucharest, solo show, painting -2008, “Interiors”, Gold Art Gallery, Bucharest, solo show, painting -2007 , “Young Romanian Painters at Balcic”, Museum of Bucharest, Șuțu Palace, group show -2007, “Venice and Verona”, Sigma Antique Store, Bucharest, solo show, graphics -2006, “Balcic – Heart of Queen Marie”, Central University Library, Bucharest, group show -2006, “Why We Gather”, Time Square Lobby Gallery, New York, group show, photography -2005, “Nudes”, Sanoma Hearst Romania, Bucharest, solo show, painting -2004, World Trade Center Bucharest, group show, painting -2002, “Works on Paper”, Monique Goldstrom Gallery, New York, group show, graphics -2001, “Photo 2001”, Monique Goldstrom Gallery, New York, group show, photography -2000, Photography, National Theatre, Bucharest, solo show -1999, Icons, Alpha Bank, Bucharest, group show, religious paintings -1994-2000 “Religious Art Salon”, House of Culture, Bucharest, group show, religious paintings

Descrição da obra

The nude male is rarely present as a subject in painting. It is neither obscene nor shocking and can be exposed like any other genre painting: interior, still life, landscape or portrait. Paintings of nude male illustrate this theme as a symbolic character. My figurative work oscillates between two dimensions, real and fantastic. The characters in "Glorious Bastards" are entangled in a battle with an unseen force in the struggle between good and evil. "The Horse Tamer" is an expression of male power and passion. I believe that despite radical art movements and challenges, the classical ideal remains the accepted definition of beauty. In recent years, one can see a return to humanism in art, a return to animated forms and a comeback to realism. In my case, it’s realism with a symbolic tint. "Winged Genius" is a fantastic character, a guardian spirit, a demigod. Postmodernism brings gods to everyday life. www.paulacraioveanu.com

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